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Genius eSports Betting Tips to Wager on The Best Every Time!

eSports have recently gained good fame and wind with digital development over the recent years. League of Legends, Counter-Strike, or Dota 2 are a few in the pool that have stirred the internet. As their popularity and players’ count rapidly increased, these simple video games soon turned into massive tournaments on a global platform.

If there is a contest, betting for the winner is probably the next thing you can come across! If you are a betting enthusiast or even a novice starting with the eSports bets, here are a few selective tips to help you make a prudent choice.

Get over the choice of favorites

Many amateur bettors start betting for their favorite players belonging to their country or those who have displayed an impressive skill or two anytime. If you are seriously betting for profits, you should get over the notion of favorite players while placing the bets. Try betting on multiple games using the bonus credits or small deposits till you try all and figure out the best.

Check the craze for the game and the players

While betting for real-world games, we examine the teams’ earlier performance and the players’ fame to judge if they are worthy in their talents and game. Similarly, for eSports, you can check which player is actually at the top and best among the participants of a particular game.

You can search for their ELO ranks or gaming ranks, find their fame on learning platforms like Twitch or YouTube, or even go through their social media handle to ensure if they are top rankers. The players securing top ranks in less duration are actually talented, making way through the obstacles easily.

Multiplayer games can be a benefit

eSports are both single-player and multiplayer games. While you think a particular gamer is famous for his rank and talent, many are on the same level. More than the single-player games, the team ones are quicker to gain higher bets as they have more players and the best team has more chance to win.

You can easily guess if any single player misaligns from the strategy, the others would surely cover him up, which is not the case in single-player games. Compared to the former, a best-chosen team thus assures more percentage of your success.


Understand the game and choose the talented roles

More than depending on the fame, ranks, and calculated odds, betting can really become thrilling when you actually know how the player is playing. As the players have different skills and fields they are talented in, the chances of victories or failures depend on the comparison. If you are well aware of which talent is prevalent over the other, you can compare the skills of the competing players to wager on the best.

Odds calculators and online betting simulators are the common ones everybody has access to. You can find plenty of online or the best sportsbooks also provide them. Over these probabilities, which show the possibility of a perfect win, these tips can really help you gamble on a mastermind deal!

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